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Relax To Be Beautiful In Your Own Way

Beautiful In Your Own Way – We’ve all heard the saying “Beauty Comes from within”, but what does it really mean to you? You know how they say that when in love, not only it shows in the mood but also the radiant glow from the skin, literally? And when you’re happy, you feel healthier too! But just how can one feel on cloud nine when he or she is constantly running around like a headless chicken?

Relax and Beautiful In Your Own Way

Here, we dig deeper for more info and Perhaps; scientific backing to understand what relaxation is all about to prove our belief on the significant relationship of relaxation, beauty, health and well being.

What is relaxation?

Fundamentally, a process in which the tension among all muscles in the body is absent. It also defines a state of mind where stressors, negative self-talk, negative thoughts and other worries are eliminated. Relaxation, therefore, is both a physical and mental state of mind for any individual to maintain and optimize their mental well-being, consequently making relaxation an essential element

Stress is the enemy

When one does no; practice taking proper and regular time to relax, the body will immediately receive negative impacts. The basic activity of the nervous system will immediately kick in and become more active. Other responses will then immediately fall in behind to assist in the maintenance of the nervous system, signals that is sending back and forth between the nerves. brain and other areas in the body. Blood pressure will increase, where it is pushed against the insides of the arteries in which it flows. It may result in development of coronary heart disease, vital organ.

Psychological consequences of stress: Mood swings, mental exhaustion, inability to concentrate, memory retention problems, depression and insomnia.

Mind and Beauty Skin

Mind & Skin

Quote. “Skin and brain are the embryological and nostalgic brother,” sald Professor Misery. He added, “Skin is a peripherally spread out nervous system.”

Beautiful In Your Own Way – More than an assembly of several layers of cells (corneocytes, keratinocytes, fibroblasts, etc.), skin is a living sensory receptor of environmental stimuli, directly connected to the central nervous system. Skin also often acts as the mirror of our mental state of mind. Thus, many of our emotions are foremost visible or felt at the level of the skin.

Fear, stress and happiness manifests in paling (vasoconstriction), sweating, goose bumps, raised hairs, blusing (vasodilatation), or radiance and blissful glow. Surprise, consternation or anger translate into reactions that affects the skin – raising eyebrows, frowning will eventually lead to expression lines and deep wrinkles on the face. Although the phenomenon may be an indirect effect in result of repeated muscle contractions, it explain the reason and aim of treating deep wrinkles with muscle relaxing agents.

Mental well being and physical relaxation go hand-in-hand, complementing one another. Endogenous molecules such as endorphins and enkephalins mediate some of the effects in the brain. and also now in the skin. consequently making relaxation an essential element.

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