Being Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Being Your Own Kind of Beautiful – The timing was ideal for me to get this message since I had just recently made a decision to finish a long-term friendship which had become seriously dysfunctional and was weighing me down emotionally. Like many people who undergo an end to a friendship that is long-term, if it was a positive experience or not, the finality of this split left me feeling relieved and out of sorts all at exactly the exact same time. It felt like an all-out attack to my soul in an effort to convince me that I had nothing to offer. I felt like my soul had only awakened with a ferocious inspiration! Not only the physical beauty, but our full beautiful self, inside and outside.

Despite the fact that we all know in our heart that we are uniquely designed by God, we all at some stage in our life have fallen prey to allowing ill-intention ed “buddies” or that nagging voice in our head that attempt to convince us that we’re less than. In so doing, we fail to fully appreciate our own identity and the marvelous attributes that we must offer. Not recognizing or enjoying our own special beauty is like the inference from the quote by Alice Walker that states:”I think it pisses God off if you walk by the colour purple in a field somewhere and do not notice it”, (The Color Purple). That may be putting it somewhat bluntly, but sometimes we want a blunt wake-up call. The same concept applies to the way we see ourselves, not how we see a colour somewhere in a field. Despite the fact that we get the point, I’ve noticed that girls in particular repeatedly fall into the trap of comparing themselves to other people rather than embracing their own attractiveness. Physical beauty is now such the end all, that lots of individuals have such blind envy of others due to their physical appearance they don’t have any respect to the personal struggles somebody may be going through, despite how well put together they might appear on the outside. Notwithstanding this as straightforward as it might sound, if every one of us would start to practice being our own kind of amazing, then we would realize that every one of us is beautiful just the way we are.

Being Your Own Kind of Beautiful: Learning to Appreciate Yourself

At any rate, although physical beauty can be very enticing, outer beauty is fleeting. Therefore, an individual’s personality, morals and values ought to be the elements that true beauty ought to be judged. If a person is lacking in those three inborn principles, then it really doesn’t matter what they look like on the outside. Physical beauty doesn’t have any correlation whatsoever to the goodness or essential quality of someone. OK, for those who might be a bit more difficult to persuade maybe we could take slow, baby steps toward embracing this radical standard of studying beauty. For the sake of compromise, let us say the new standard of judging beauty may include a mix of both physical and internal characteristics. However, in all fairness the basic core of who a man is should at least take a higher weighted average than what the individual looks like. Fair enough?

Being Your Own Kind of Beautifu2l

Practice Being Your Own Kind Being Your Own Kind of Beautiful

1 way to practice being your own kind of amazing is to observe your God given gifts and beauty. Whether it’s an internal or physical trait that makes you uniquely beautiful, you need to focus on just one trait at a time and observe it. We’ve got much to be thankful for, so observing something at a time can be as straightforward as displaying gratitude for having that distinctive attribute. As soon as you start to do this on a regular basis, you will start to naturally appreciate how beautifully designed you’re. Although I could have chosen to sit around and focus on someone else’s physical traits, I’ve chosen to observe my own. Therefore, I joined a hiking club and push my physical endurance to the limit on a regular basis by walking through rocky terrain to reach altitudes I never thought I’d reach by foot. A couple of additional benefits are that for you I meet interesting, like-minded individuals and in addition I’m keeping physically healthy by doing something I like. When you’ve not been hiking, you can’t imagine the beauty which can be viewed from the vantage point from atop a mountain. For miles on end, there’s the beauty of nature, such as speckles of purple in a field of flowers. I thank God daily for giving me the physical capability to be able to perform these kinds of physical activities; especially after having been bound to a wheelchair for many months following an injury. I observe my blessings every opportunity I get by placing my present to use. The longer I use it, the more physically and emotionally strong I become. You’ll be surprised by how doing simple things such as this may help you find your blessings that you might have overlooked in the past because you’ve spent so much time comparing yourself to somebody else. So, get out there and keep it going by discovering or rediscovering your beautiful self!

This brings me to my next bit of information that I will offer for you to practice being your own kind of amazing which is to stop comparing yourself to other people, period. Many times, regardless of what our station is in existence or how many compliments we get from others, we still feel like we fall short compared to someone else. What I have found is that someone won’t be able to fully appreciate their particular attractiveness if they continue to attempt to emulate someone else’s attractiveness. It’s irrational to check at the outside beauty of somebody else and feel jealous. To start with, envy is a sin and second physical beauty is fleeting, so why bother. So, rather than comparing yourself to other people you need to thank God for creating you in his own image. In it she said something that actually grabbed my attention concerning the entire idea of how wasteful it is to compare yourself to other people. In her speech she said,”it’s an act of violence to compare yourself to others”. That is such a strong statement! In order to fully appreciate the entire force of the statement, you need to take a moment and absorb its own significance. If you really consider it, not only is it an act of violence, but additionally it is irreverent to compare yourself to other people that in ways marginalizes your beauty and uniqueness. Ironically, I found this concept also works in the opposite as it reminds me to not look at others with such a critical eye and to love how they also are uniquely designed by God.

Last Suggestion of Being Your Own Kind of Beautiful

One last suggestion that I will impart on the topic of being your own kind of beautiful is that it’s crucial to appreciate rather than emulate others’ attractiveness. It’s one thing to admire someone’s attractiveness, but you have completely crossed the line in case your adoration of the other leaves you feeling demoralized. Fortunately, there’s a healthy balance between observing your beauty and enjoying others’ attractiveness; especially without feeling jealousy that’s a by-product of emulation. The most confident women are people who adopt their particular attractiveness and can love others for their attractiveness in a wholesome way. This confidence is reflected in several ways like being graceful in the way you carry yourself as it will reflect in how you see others. As I mentioned previously, beauty is unique to every individual and it doesn’t necessarily mean physical beauty. Yes, it’s necessary to try to be your very best self, inside and outside. However, you don’t need to jeopardize your self-worth from the procedure by impersonating others. That’s the reason it’s important to check yourself from time to time to make certain you maintain a healthy balance between enjoying versus emulating others. Feeling confident in who you are and what you need to offer will let you appreciate others at a larger level for who they are without feeling envious by attempting to imitate them.

To sum up, because each of us is uniquely designed by God, most of us have plenty of reasons to love and celebrate our own attractiveness. Needless to say, beauty can be considered in a variety of ways either inner, outer, or a mixture of both. We can start the transformative thinking of becoming our own kind of amazing by actively observing our own uniqueness one attribute at a time. Once we start to do so, we’ll get comfortable in our own skin and will have the ability to appreciate others for their beauty without permitting jealousy or envy to invade our space. Nobody has a right to attempt to make you believe that you have nothing to offer. As Iyanla Vanzant said in her address,”You Matter”. You don’t need anybody to define you or to finish you because God has already done an wonderful job at that. To put it differently, start every day by simply Being Your Own Kind of Beautiful!

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